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Synergistic Environmental Systems Inc. makes your job easier for you by offering several services we believe may be beneficial to your company.  Our support services are here to make your job as easy as possible, creating a more efficient and profitable operation for your company.


 Administrative-Technical-Solid Waste-Waste Water-O&M-System Design-Construction




TCEQ Document Preparation

- Solid Waste- Registrations, Waste Summary, Pollution Plans, Waste Minimization Plan, etc.

- Right to Know- Tier 2 chemical inventory, MSDS's, Form R

- Air Control- Permitting

- Applicability

- Permit by Rule

- Record Keeping

 Waste Management Documentation

- Chain of custody documentation

- Documented Classification- Precision Waste Classification System (PWCS)

- Profiling

- Shipping Manifests and Land Ban Documentation Preparation

- Annual Waste Summary Reports

San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) Related Services

- Pretreatment

- Self Monitoring

- Sampling

- Toxic Organic Mgmt. Plan

- Slug Plans

- Discharge Permit Application

- Flat Rate Sewer Study (14 day)

- Storm water Plans

- Permits

- Chemical Inventories

- Record Keeping

- Site Compliance

 - Site Inspections

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Technical Services:


Sampling- We can provide sampling support with sampling tools and equipment.  The following types of samples may be taken:

- Grab

- Coliwasa samples

- Core samples

- 8, 16, 24 hour time and flow proportional samples

Testing- We will also provide technical support by handling the following:

- Field testing when appropriate

- Sample preservation

- Sample delivery to lab of your choice

Data Interpretation-

- Now you have the results....

- What are the implications?

- What does the data mean when viewed in response to the regulatory requirements and framework?

- We'll help you make an informed decision and document your plan

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Solid Waste Management:

A customized program for the management of your solid waste


Program Setup

- Identify Waste Streams- characterize, classify, and register

- Arrange offsite management of each waste stream

- Set up onsite management of each waste stream

Program Execution

- Ship all wastes off site

- Document shipments

- Verify Proper management of wastes at TS&D's

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Waste Water Processing:


        Conventional waste water treatment with ph adjustment, metals removal, cyanide reduction, and hydrocarbon removal in RCRA exempt treatment systems

        Oil/water separation- API style separation

  • Filtration removal of solids using various media such as:

-filter cloth

-multi media

        Removal of hydrocarbons and metals using various media such as:

-modified clays

-granular activated carbon

        Conversion technologies such as:




-emulsion breaking with precipitation and flocculation

        Polishing of pretreated waste water to prepare it for discharge to the sewer

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Industrial Environmental O&M Services:


        Operate onsite wastewater treatment system at clients facilities

        Onsite wastewater system maintenance including septic and sewer


Material Handling and Processing-

        Sludges- stabilized/dewatered onsite

        Waste water- onsite removal of oil, solids, and Hydrocarbons

        Solid waste- onsite repackaging, consolidation and segregation of waste by type

        Containerization of waste- into bulk quantities into totes, super sacks and roll-offs


Material Management- manage any waste not suitable for sewer, or landfill


        To the Sewer-waste water allowed only after pre-treatment

        To T's and D's- hazardous and non-hazardous waste

        To Recycling Facilities- used oil, paints, batteries, metals, medias with BTU value, and waste water

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 System Design:


        Utility construction-  Drain lines, containment structures, French drains and waste water collection systems

        Secondary containment systems

        Treatment systems

        Treatment system components

        Dust Collection

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SES has experience in the following:

        Containment and Secondary Containment System Design

        Leachate Collection Systems

        Onsite Sewer Systems- Conventional Septic and Aerobic Systems

        Storm Water Retainage Systems 

        Condensate Recovery/ Reuse systems for large compressor stations

        Poly Liner Installations

        French Drain Installations

        Clay Liner Installations in Ponds

        Storm Water Shelters for Industrial Activity

        Soil Remediation for Metals, and Organic Contamination

        Reclamation of Sites which were damaged by Unregulated Sanitary Landfill Activity

        Phase 1, 2, and 3 Site cleanup and Reporting for Attainment of Clean Closure status

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